The Breakup

Ok, so I have a strange fascination with public breakups…maybe fascination isn’t the right word. It may seem callous but everytime I witness a couple fighting in public I laugh hysterically. Sad right? I should be nicer lol.

The day I moved to California I was taking one last walk on Queen Anne with my brother. We were talking and walking and being fantastic when we heard screaming and crying. Shocked, we both turned to look. The scene before us sent me into a fit of laughing. A guy was saying stuff like “I can’t do this anymore” and the girl was saying things like “you can’t just walk away!” As I’m writing this I am realizing how mean I sound haha. But really, the way these two were acting I swear they were pulling a prank on the general public because it seemed so fake…I’m positive she had just sliced an onion so she could pretend she was crying.

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