The Sound of Music

This morning I woke up at 7:34 to the violent vibrating of my cell phone under my pillow. Groggily, I opened the phone and mumbled something that resembeled hello. It was my mom….wanting to know if I wanted to come home for thanksgiving. Needless to say I perked right up and agreed. Three hours later I was sitting in an airport jiggling my leg with excitement.

We went straight to my brother’s school. (He didn’t know I was coming) I leaned against my families Nissan Pathfinder and smiled as my brother came out of the school. I watched his jaw drop and laughed. I love suprises!

Anyways, even in my 4.5 inch heels my brother was taller then me (so not fair he grew that much haha) and most importantly he had a guitar strung accross his back. So far, the sound of his music has filled my ears every single second since I arrived. I missed hearing him play, there is such a beautiful calm in the sound of his guitar…until he busts out his metal-ness hahaha.

So this blog is dedicated to being home on thanksgiving, having an incredibly musically tallented brother, and to rain (because there isn’t any in Santa Barbara and I adore a good rainstorm)

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