Blue, Green, and Fashion All Over

As you may have read in my last post, “Hi My Name is Kiana, and I’m a Caffine addict.” Ashley and I have an addiction in common…more then one actually. We are both utterly obsessed with shoes. Owning a pair of  Christian Louboutin heels is on both of our ‘do before we die’ lists. We also share a love for cheesecake, pizza, and Edward Cullen. Unfortunatly, there is one thing we don’t have in common…BLUE EYES! Her eyes are always goregeous, of course, but check them out with the green background. Oh, and this girl can pull out an inner fashion model in an instant (every budding photographers fave thing!) We had so much fun laughing raucously the entire shoot, being gawked at by tourists, and feeling all important and stuff. (Cause we feel professional! haha)






Hi, I’m Kiana and I’m Addicted to Caffine

This was my introduction at the T.C.A  (Too Caffinated Anomynous!) group meeting. I decided after inhaling 19 shots of expresso in 3 days that I really needed help….KIDDING! (about the getting help thing not the 19 shots, 3 days thing)

In real life however, my family pulled an intervention. They decided that I could only have one shot of expresso and I had to eat first. As I sat in the drive thru for Dream Acres Expresso the lady asked if I wanted more then one shot. I stared back glumly and said “Yeah, but I’ve been intervened on.” I think she thought I was crazy, she was definatly confused.

Thankfully, my co-worker (Ashley) is also a caffine addict. Starbucks is in fact the reason we got through most of our work days. =) Plus were so much more fun when we have caffinated bloodstreams. Here are some shots of her craziness via starbucks drink.

p.s. Check back for pictures from an amazing photo shoot I did with Ashley!




The Bird Flew Away and it Wasn’t Dead

“The bird flew away and wasn’t dead.” That’s what my grandma told me yesterday on the phone. At first I was confused…then I remembered. In moses lake under a tree fort which hung out above the water was a birds nest. Two baby birds sat and chirped for days until one died. I was sure the death had to do with the probing sticks and rocks. My cousins and brother claimed no responsiblility. After that, however, the remaining baby was vehemently championed. Once when a pigeon flew over, my aunt stood at the end of the dock yelling “I know what you want! You want to eat that baby bird! Well your messing with the wrong people.” The pigeon flew off with its feathered tail between its legs.

The boys checked the progress every day. “It has more tail feathers!” they would shout. More tail feathers? Cause for celebration in my family.

Of course after hearing the bird was safe I was pleased. then I started making metaphors (so typically me) about how that sentence could totally apply to me since on Sunday I will be flying the coop. After overcoming some difficulties (sticks and stones!) and being well protected by my familyover the years, I am the bird that flew away and was vehemently championed . =)DSC_0283

Oh Brother!

Everyone with a brother understands. You love him. You hate him. You stick up for him. You put him down. It’s the age old syndrome of sibling rivalry.

Keenan and I did everything together growing up. He played dolls with me and I played cars with him. We went on adventures in the Alaskan woods. We built forts, swam accross lakes, and founded the spy club. I was the oldest, the tattle-tale, and the secret keeper.

Then a few weeks ago I looked UP at him…did you hear me? I looked UP! My little brother with the innocent brown eyes is taller then me? Gasp.

Now that I’m moving away on Sunday (and he gets my room…so unfair jk) I wish I had more time to hate his guts while loving him all at once…oh well. Thousands of miles may do us good.hpqscan0010






Jumping Into the Unkown

156The night I found out my Grandpa was dying was awful. I tossed and turned. I cried. I panicked. I wished I was home. Finally, around 2 a.m. I fell into a fitful sleep.

Fast forward 1.5 hours…I’m awake. At 3:30 a.m. I gathered an anicent c.d player, my blanket, and all my tears as I headed down to the dock.  As I stood at the end of the withered wood I watched the seagulls flying against the wind. I thought this was so stupid. “Just fly with the wind!” I told them, as if they could understand. However an hour later after I had jumped into the cold morning water in my pajamas I realized I was a hyppocrite. The storm the gulls had been fighting created waves which I was now swimming against…how ironic. So as I swam, the sun rose, and I noticed that life is sort of all about swimming against the waves and laughing the whole time (because water is splashing in your face duh! More then that though, life is about jumping into the unknown because you know there is an intertube near by.

So fight the wind stupid seagulls. And I’ll be the idiot fighting the waves that I jumped into….at least I’m laughing =)

The Conspirtators

Ten Things I learned in Moses Lake:

1. If your brother and two cousins are huddled in a corner whispering…be afraid, be very afraid.
2. There is no such thing as tanning on a tube on the lake but there is such a thing as being tipped over.
3. One way or another, your going to get wet so you may as well just jump in on your own.
4. Riding doubles on sea doos=massive bruises
5. Fighting being dunked really only prolongs the process.
6. Boys are baby’s…sure they guilt trip you into sleeping outside…but that doesn’t mean they will stay out the whole night.
7. Sleep is nonexistent when your with your cousins.
8. Crawdads DO pinch despite what people try to tell you.
9. If you have to wear a life vest to jump off a ten foot drop via rope swing in shallow, rocky water…it’s probably not a good idea.
10. Cousins are the best! Even if they are the reason you are currently drenched. =)
I learned these life lessons while staying with my cousins. A.K.A: “The Conspirators.”