Mama and Me Photo Sessions

If I had to pick one subject to photograph for the rest of my life it would hands down be mothers and their children. There is just nothing in this world that moves my soul more then motherhood.

My own mom is my best friend. I talk to her on the phone multiple times a day and can’t go a week without seeing her. She is my favorite person to giggle over a glass of wine with and my go to person when any problem arises in my life.

I cherish the photographs from my childhood that I have of the two of us together. There are several in which we are wearing ridiculous outfits that match and the sight of them makes me giggle and fills my heart with warmth.

I hope that the photographs that I create for my clients have this magic for them. That when the small kiddos grow old they will look back at the photos of their mother and smile as big as I do when I see mine.

Mother’s Day certainly falls in the right season. Spring just screams motherhood to me…what with the flowers blooming and new life popping up everywhere. This time of year is a perfect time to exist in photographs with your children  <3

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Here  are some of my favorite pictures of my mom and I …I love them so very much. However, I would give a lot now to have professional photos of us in my childhood.






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  1. Kiana‼️‼️‼️ these are wonderful and I LOVE the photos of your mom and you! I chuckled at the big hair on your mom cuz I had the same hairstyle in the 80’s! Precious! Thank you for sharing!

    💜 Wendy

    Best, Wendy


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