the pursuit

All people really want to be is happy. We spend our lives trying to attain happiness. For some, money equals joy. For others, it is love. Some people follow passions and some follow people. But all paths lead to the pursuit of joy. Photography is my happiness, my passion, my love.

Sometimes I lose sight of why I’m here, of why I spend astronomical amounts of money on a school that is teaching me photography. Why I stay up all night writing essays and shooting assignments. Then I remember: I’m here because I love photography, because I need it, because with out it I lose who I am. I’m here because it means I get to wake up every morning and do the thing that I love most. I’m here pursuing my happiness.


When I was younger I decided that when I had a car I would have a personalized liscence plate that said H2O BBY…because I’m a water baby! I love the water. I always have. I always will!

cutie pie

Let me introduce cutie pie. Her real name is Ursula but everyone knows that it SHOULD be Cutie pie! She is such an easy going lovely person. Her laugh is infectious and her narwhal (its the unicorn of the sea!) necklace always makes my life…she is wearing it in these pictures haha!

Again…they are blurry because she is happy!! Or at least thats what I keep telling myself haha.

the ocean

I love the ocean. I spent the first 14 years of my life dreaming of being a marine biologist. (so that I could train dolphins of course!) Everytime I see the ocean, it takes my breath away. It’s vast, majestic, and truly awe-inspiring. What would california be without the ocean? NOTHING…thats what.