Kelly and Myra

I met Kelly about a year ago when a mutual friend suggested that I photograph her adorable daughter Myra. I left that shoot with a big smile and a new friend. Kelly is so cute and wonderful, she is full of laughter and fun and is such an amazing mother to her little one. Myra is so sweet and brave, on this shoot she fell completely in the ocean and she came up laughing and dragging her mom in for more. I am so blessed to have met these two beatiful ladies!

Much Love,

Kiana M.

Geneva and Jim

I had the great pleasure of photographing Geneva and Jim a little while ago. These two are so beautiful and were such a joy to work with. Geneva is a complete sweetheart and working towards being a nurse which I think is so amazing….it takes a special person to want to take care of others for a living. Her boyfriend of four years is a fellow photographer and videographer. I always love photographing other visual artists, it feels particularly challenging.

I love photographing love. It is so beautiful to me to watch a couple be themseles and allow me to take portraits of their relationship. Thank you Geneva and Jim! You two are wonderful.