Like Barbed Wire Removed

Life is so beautiful right now.

Maybe it’s because at this moment I can hear and see waves crashing onto sand.

Maybe it’s because I’m sitting next to a boy who makes me smile all the time.

Maybe it’s because Im 18 and living my dream.

Or maybe it has always been like this and i just didn’t know…

Maybe it’s because I used to put up a barbed wire fence that I just couldn’t cross to realize how very precious life is.

Maybe it’s because I tore that fence down….=)

Whatever the reason, right now, life is so very beautiful.


Homes and Hearts

The other day I was discussing homesickness with my roomie lil’ mama, or rather the lack thereof. I have not once missed home. Sure, I miss my family but not in a sad way. I told Lil’ Mama that I believe that home is wherever the heart is, and that I take my heart with me wherever I go so I am always at home. I love California. I already consider it my home and I wouldn’t change where I am for the world! (cause cali has my heart!) =)

These are random photos I took around my new hometown…









Me Always

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone elses opinions, their lives are a mimicry, their passions a qoutation.” I read that qoute on one of my favorite blogs ETC. I have always been a huge believer in being yourself always, of not being scared to be unique, and not letting people tell you how you should be or how you should look. I hope I am always 100% me and 0% anyone else. I love who I am (craziness and all) and I always will =)

other people


Ok, I confess….I procrastinate like no other. I claim that it’s because procrastinators are the leaders of tomorrow, but we all know the truth. It’s laziness haha. Before I moved to Santa Barbara I discovered about 50 letters in my room that I had written but never sent. Now, I’m a Cali girl and everything is different. NOT! I have 8 letters sitting on my desk right now. Lonely without stamps or an envelope and no one to love them =( So I guess I will go send those…you know so they have a home.


Top 8

Ever since the myspace phenomenon began people have been obsessed with the concept of “top 8”.  In the social network being in the top 8 means your cool enough to be that person’s friend. In my world it means a photo made it into my top 8 final portfolio for class. With out further ado I present the result of 8 weeks hard work, tears and smiles. (kind of disappointing right? hahahaha)

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My Mama =)

My mother is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. She is incredibly brilliant, absolutly goregeous, and always motivated. She has opened her own school, began a Montessori business in which she makes all the materials, and opened a fantastic two story childrens store. On top of all that, she has always been the best mother =). My mom is the type of person who knows exactly what she wants and goes for it. She has a very follow your heart while using your head philosophy. Anyways its three a.m. and I have a final tomorrow so I’m off.

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It’s your breath on my ear as you whisper, It’s your hand in mine on the street, It’s the butterflies I feel when we touch, It’s our late night walks on the beach. Its’ the way you listen to me babble, It’s the silence when there’s nothing to say. It’s all the new things I tried with you, it’s the way you make me feel brave. It’s the way my eyes narrow when we fight, It’s the way we twist as we dance, It’s how you make my world so bright, and how you leave nothing to chance. It’s the two sets of prints in the sand, and it’s the way you say my name, it’s the current that runs through our hands, the way you always take the blame.It’s how perfectly imperfect we are together. It’s all the tears I’ve cried. It’s the way you make me ecstatic, it’s all the tears I smiled. =)

Photo By Toni Lande:

b and me

Music =)

Lights, beats, pulses, raves, turntables, fog machines, dancing, breathing, sweating, life. In California, electonic music  isn’t just a genre, it’s a lifestyle and oh what a fantastic life it is. My boyfriend’s best friend is a DJ yes…a DJ. (personally I’m super jealous/impressed haha) and he is fantastic! My room mate gave me one of his c.d’s which I have been playing on repeat while I do my homework, that’s how fabulous it is! Anyways, His name is DJ W (for D.avid, J.ames, W.illiford am I the only one who thinks thats the most clever thing ever? lol)

Electronic music is such an intense art. When I listen to it, I think of passion, and life, love, and hate. I think of the person I am and who I want to be. I love it =)

Listen to DJ W’s Music! My favorite is Unfinished September

Photo Cred: Toni Lande I thought this photo of David from a party was bomb!


The Roomies-Part 1

Lydia a.k.a shawty is amazing. She is one of the only people I have ever met that made me look back on my life and wish that I lived more freely, that I had let go and let life take me on the wonderful ride it is. She is beautiful, passionate, and so nice. I adore this girl. I was so nervous to meet my room mate for the first time. I told my sister that I would probably hate whoever it was and that it would ruin my whole college experience. When I walked through the door of the room we now share I knew I was crazy for thinking that…and I was right. Lydia is fantastic =) lucky for me!