My Happiness

Sometimes, I think that if I was any happier, I would explode. Even when I cry now, I am happy. Everything about me screams passion for life, for photography, for all the people I love. Sometimes, I’m so happy I burst into tears because I cant hold the joy inside me. Sometimes, I’m so happy that I turn up my sterio and sing on the top of my lungs. Every once in a while, I will put on heels and dance in my room because i have to release some positive energy. Sometimes, I’m so happy that it hurts…but it’s a good hurt. I love who I am, I love the life I’m living, I love the people in my life. I’m following my heart, I’m persuing my dreams, I’m letting passion run my life…and I love it.

BTW, these pictures are just random images that for some reason make me happy haha =)






Welcome to Hollywood Baby

Looking down over a freeway in Los Angelos is dizzying. Being honked at is exhilerating. Having fun is priceless. My room mates Toni (nicknamed Blondie!) and Erica (nicknamed Lil Mama) and I (nicknamed Circle K) hung over hundreds of cars as they zoomed under us at 90 miles an hour. (our last room mate Lydia a.k.a Shawty was M.I.A) The only thing keeping us from death? A gaurdrail. It was like that sugar or spice game from elementary school but better! (remember? you wave at people in cars and if they wave back it’s sugar and if they don’t it’s spice?) We started off waving and screaming like idiots and moved on to blowing kisses, and oh! the responses we got! =) We actually managed to get two city busses to honk and wave at us. It was one of the funnest things I have done so far in L.A. I adore my roomies and doing crazy things with them just makes my life!




This Boy

This Boy….

-Has crazy cool eyelashes

-Gives me butterflies

-Loves to dance….and somehow manages to convince me to dance for hours (quite the accomplishment)

-Is passionate about photography!

-Makes me smile all the time

-Will listen to me babble all night long.

-Loves music

-Is super adventurous

-Lives to the fullest

-Can surf (I’m jealous)

-Didn’t go to prom his senior year (am I the only one shocked by that?)

-… much more that I just don’t have time to list haha

b and circle k

The Path Most Traveled

At the end of Ellwood Beach Drive (my street!) there is a trail. There is a desolate, dusty,  and slightly eery trail. This trail (let’s call it ‘the trek’) is about a mile of desert and windswept trees…oh and lizards. I was walking along ‘the trek’ and kept turning off the main trail on to smaller ones. (part of my new philosophy is doing my own thing) After wandering around in the California heat for half an hour I decided to follow the main trail…..enter my new favorite place in the entire world. At the end of the path most traveled is a gorgeous beach with gigantic waves, sand, and SURFERS! =) did I mention this is a mile walk from my house?! So lesson learned…sometimes it’s good to follow the path everyone else knows is a fantastic thing…


018…unless its a figurative path anyways.

My Life

I’m rolling down highway 101 in my convertable, watching the California coast pass by, feeling the wind knot my hair, listening to music, devoting my sanity to photography and thanking God for my life…..Welcome to my world. (that’s all I have to say)

Why I’m M.I.A

Hey guys!

So obviously I haven’t been blogging…oops. I do have a really good reason though! I have no internet yet…So stick around, I promise I will be back! Thanks for you patience…LOVE YOU ALL! =)

It’s Vintage Dahhhling

I have been obsessed with everything vintage my entire life. I grew up in love with Mr. Darcy, coveting hoop skirt dresses, and always pretending I was from a different era. This quirk probably comes from my grandma Jan who collects anything antique to my great delight. Being such an old-thing-o-phile of course I freaked out when ashley pulled out a fiftys looking dress. (there was jumping) Oh and the strawberries and (fake) champaigne thing was inspired by a Victoria’s Secret lotion and just seemed so very vintage to me. So I’m going tostop blogging and go read pride and predjudice now…

P.s.: Check back for a blog about some VERY exciting news in my life (complete with pictures of course)