How I Help Clients Pick Their Photos

So many of my clients tell me that their all-time favorite part of the whole experience with me is the Premier. The Premier takes place around 2 weeks after the session. It starts off with a slideshow of all the images set to music. I project the slideshow onto the wall so it feels like their own personal movie premier! I then go through a streamlined process to help them narrow down to their favorite images. The whole thing takes about an hour and is SO much easier then choosing images from an online gallery at home (and way more fun, too!)

When I got my wedding pictures, I was really overwhelmed by them and had a hard time picking out my favorites to print. It is so helpful to have someone guide you during the process of picking out your collection of images.

This is the slideshow that was viewed at this Shoreline family’s premier:

The images below are the ones that this family chose during their image Premier. I love the ones they picked out 🙂








This family was such a joy to work with. I feel so blessed to be invited into peoples homes to capture their memories.

Much Love, Kiana M.