Caught in the Act

For our creative assignment last week my class was given the phrase “caught in the act.” I wracked my brains for days trying to think of an idea as the deadline inched closer and closer. Finally, two nights before the due date I was inspired by an episode of the “That 70’s Show” I was laughing at Ashton Kutcher’s character because his girlfriend was getting him all dressed up in a dress and makeup. At first he was very against the whole ordeal but by the end he was totally in to it….until his girlfriends dad walked in on them. Caught in the Act! So I got Brian to agree to put on makeup for my shoot and at first he was borderline mad but at the end he says “Under my eyes is kinda dark.” I replied “you want concealer?” “yep.” he responded….best momment of my life. Hahaha. The first picture is what I turned in and the second is just him being pretty 😉 His eyes are so amazing naturally though so you can’t really see his eye makeup….but he was such a good sport for this whole thing!

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  1. Kiana I love your photos! I’m so jealous, I wish I was in a warm place and had time to go out and take photos but most of all I wish i had a good digital camera seeing as I don’t have access to a darkroom anymore! However the trees here look fantastic. Their empty branches are all frosted and it looks magnificent! If i weren’t such a pansy I’d suck it up, deal with the cold and go take some pictures myself.

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