The Secret Garden

Growing up, I always had a thing for beautiful places. I could spend hours in little nooks in the woods or on the top of a hill where I could feel like I had the whole world at my feet. I was always an avid reader and when I read “The Secret Garden” I became obsessed with gardens with gates. (I still kind of am haha) My grandma Roseann’s garden is no exception…These are some photos I took over thanksgiving in her beautiful yard =) Oh, and Im not really sure why I did so many strange diagonal shots lol.

The Sound of Music

This morning I woke up at 7:34 to the violent vibrating of my cell phone under my pillow. Groggily, I opened the phone and mumbled something that resembeled hello. It was my mom….wanting to know if I wanted to come home for thanksgiving. Needless to say I perked right up and agreed. Three hours later I was sitting in an airport jiggling my leg with excitement.

We went straight to my brother’s school. (He didn’t know I was coming) I leaned against my families Nissan Pathfinder and smiled as my brother came out of the school. I watched his jaw drop and laughed. I love suprises!

Anyways, even in my 4.5 inch heels my brother was taller then me (so not fair he grew that much haha) and most importantly he had a guitar strung accross his back. So far, the sound of his music has filled my ears every single second since I arrived. I missed hearing him play, there is such a beautiful calm in the sound of his guitar…until he busts out his metal-ness hahaha.

So this blog is dedicated to being home on thanksgiving, having an incredibly musically tallented brother, and to rain (because there isn’t any in Santa Barbara and I adore a good rainstorm)

The Breakup

Ok, so I have a strange fascination with public breakups…maybe fascination isn’t the right word. It may seem callous but everytime I witness a couple fighting in public I laugh hysterically. Sad right? I should be nicer lol.

The day I moved to California I was taking one last walk on Queen Anne with my brother. We were talking and walking and being fantastic when we heard screaming and crying. Shocked, we both turned to look. The scene before us sent me into a fit of laughing. A guy was saying stuff like “I can’t do this anymore” and the girl was saying things like “you can’t just walk away!” As I’m writing this I am realizing how mean I sound haha. But really, the way these two were acting I swear they were pulling a prank on the general public because it seemed so fake…I’m positive she had just sliced an onion so she could pretend she was crying.

Caught in the Act

For our creative assignment last week my class was given the phrase “caught in the act.” I wracked my brains for days trying to think of an idea as the deadline inched closer and closer. Finally, two nights before the due date I was inspired by an episode of the “That 70’s Show” I was laughing at Ashton Kutcher’s character because his girlfriend was getting him all dressed up in a dress and makeup. At first he was very against the whole ordeal but by the end he was totally in to it….until his girlfriends dad walked in on them. Caught in the Act! So I got Brian to agree to put on makeup for my shoot and at first he was borderline mad but at the end he says “Under my eyes is kinda dark.” I replied “you want concealer?” “yep.” he responded….best momment of my life. Hahaha. The first picture is what I turned in and the second is just him being pretty đŸ˜‰ His eyes are so amazing naturally though so you can’t really see his eye makeup….but he was such a good sport for this whole thing!

Frowns and Flowers

The other day, I was in an epically crabby mood. I was stressed, frustrated, and taking it out on anyone in my way. So when I got a text from my boyfriend, Brian, saying that he had something cool to tell me and could he please come over, I was less then pleased. Needless to say I opened the door with a grimace and a very kind “What? This had better be important cause I don’t have time for stupid stuff.” He graciously ignored my biting statement and responded with “do you know what today is?” With eye rolling and a sigh I responded with the date, the weekday and “oh…we met two months ago is that what this is?” He smiled mischeviously and pulled out a beautiful rose in all its handpicked, tied in ribbon glory…It made my life. So here’s to the boy who responds to my frowns with flowers, to my tears with kisses, and to my sometimes not so nice words with total understanding =)








She runs through a meadow, grass under her bare feet, and sun caressing her face…is this bliss?