Frowns and Flowers

The other day, I was in an epically crabby mood. I was stressed, frustrated, and taking it out on anyone in my way. So when I got a text from my boyfriend, Brian, saying that he had something cool to tell me and could he please come over, I was less then pleased. Needless to say I opened the door with a grimace and a very kind “What? This had better be important cause I don’t have time for stupid stuff.” He graciously ignored my biting statement and responded with “do you know what today is?” With eye rolling and a sigh I responded with the date, the weekday and “oh…we met two months ago is that what this is?” He smiled mischeviously and pulled out a beautiful rose in all its handpicked, tied in ribbon glory…It made my life. So here’s to the boy who responds to my frowns with flowers, to my tears with kisses, and to my sometimes not so nice words with total understanding =)


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