You know that qoute that goes something like the things that scare you are usually the most worthwhile? For me this means skydiving, space travel, and photographing people I don’t know. haha. But seriously folks, one of the most frustrating things about myself is how I let situations and people intimidate me into not living up to my best potential. Of course, when you go for something it always turns out wonderfully. I wouldn’t say this shoot was the equivalent of rocketing into outer space but I was pretty nervous all the same.

I had the awesome opportunity to photograph the morning show hosts from 99.9 KTYD, David Perry and Julie Ramos. They were amazing models and I had such a fantastic time shooting in their studio. =) Of course, Brian helped me astronomicaly by being the most awesome assistant ever! And, Ally Perry set the whole thing up and came along for moral support =)

Copyright: Kiana McCrackin
Copyright: Kiana McCrackin
Copyright: Kiana McCrackin
COpyright: Kiana McCrackin
Copyright: Kiana McCrackin

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  1. Hi Kiana,

    Fantastic pics. I’m a gal pal of Julie and it’s fun to see your rendition of her at work 🙂 Congrats to turning a ‘scare’ into a thrilling accomplishment.

    – Kim

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