I am proud of my mama who is probably going to open another location of her magical childrens store. I’m proud of my grandma who just got the cover of her soon to be published novel finished. I’m proud of my boyfriend who has the most amazing photographs. Im proud of my dad for being such a strong hero in my life, for being a foundation, for building our homes. Im proud of my brother, who plays the guitar so beautifully, it makes me want to cry. I’m proud of myself for following my dreams, for being happy, for the life I’m living. So if pride comes before a fall…then falling is a welcome thing in my life…because I am prideful.

On another note, these are my contemporary glamour shots. =) I’m super proud of the first one! The second one…not so much lol. Geneva Brown was a wonderful model!

Copyright: Kiana McCrackin

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