My Happiness

Sometimes, I think that if I was any happier, I would explode. Even when I cry now, I am happy. Everything about me screams passion for life, for photography, for all the people I love. Sometimes, I’m so happy I burst into tears because I cant hold the joy inside me. Sometimes, I’m so happy that I turn up my sterio and sing on the top of my lungs. Every once in a while, I will put on heels and dance in my room because i have to release some positive energy. Sometimes, I’m so happy that it hurts…but it’s a good hurt. I love who I am, I love the life I’m living, I love the people in my life. I’m following my heart, I’m persuing my dreams, I’m letting passion run my life…and I love it.

BTW, these pictures are just random images that for some reason make me happy haha =)






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