Welcome to Hollywood Baby

Looking down over a freeway in Los Angelos is dizzying. Being honked at is exhilerating. Having fun is priceless. My room mates Toni (nicknamed Blondie!) and Erica (nicknamed Lil Mama) and I (nicknamed Circle K) hung over hundreds of cars as they zoomed under us at 90 miles an hour. (our last room mate Lydia a.k.a Shawty was M.I.A) The only thing keeping us from death? A gaurdrail. It was like that sugar or spice game from elementary school but better! (remember? you wave at people in cars and if they wave back it’s sugar and if they don’t it’s spice?) We started off waving and screaming like idiots and moved on to blowing kisses, and oh! the responses we got! =) We actually managed to get two city busses to honk and wave at us. It was one of the funnest things I have done so far in L.A. I adore my roomies and doing crazy things with them just makes my life!




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