The Path Most Traveled

At the end of Ellwood Beach Drive (my street!) there is a trail. There is a desolate,¬†dusty,¬† and slightly eery trail. This trail (let’s call it ‘the trek’) is about a mile of desert and windswept trees…oh and lizards. I was walking along ‘the trek’ and kept turning off the main trail on to smaller ones. (part of my new philosophy is doing my own thing) After wandering around in the California heat for half an hour I decided to follow the main trail…..enter my new favorite place in the entire world. At the end of the path most traveled is a gorgeous beach with gigantic waves, sand, and SURFERS! =) did I mention this is a mile walk from my house?! So lesson learned…sometimes it’s good to follow the path everyone else knows is a fantastic thing…


018…unless its a figurative path anyways.

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  1. Hi, Kiana! Glad to see you are back up on the internet. I’ve been checking for new blogs every few days and this morning I am rewarded by a wonderful view of the California coast as well as a nice little story. So nice to get a little peek into your world.

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