Blue, Green, and Fashion All Over

As you may have read in my last post, “Hi My Name is Kiana, and I’m a Caffine addict.” Ashley and I have an addiction in common…more then one actually. We are both utterly obsessed with shoes. Owning a pair of  Christian Louboutin heels is on both of our ‘do before we die’ lists. We also share a love for cheesecake, pizza, and Edward Cullen. Unfortunatly, there is one thing we don’t have in common…BLUE EYES! Her eyes are always goregeous, of course, but check them out with the green background. Oh, and this girl can pull out an inner fashion model in an instant (every budding photographers fave thing!) We had so much fun laughing raucously the entire shoot, being gawked at by tourists, and feeling all important and stuff. (Cause we feel professional! haha)






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