Oh Brother!

Everyone with a┬ábrother understands. You love him. You hate him. You stick up for him. You put him down. It’s the age old syndrome of sibling rivalry.

Keenan and I did everything together growing up. He played dolls with me and I played cars with him. We went on adventures in the Alaskan woods. We built forts, swam accross lakes, and founded the spy club. I was the oldest, the tattle-tale, and the secret keeper.

Then a few weeks ago I looked UP at him…did you hear me? I looked UP! My little brother with the innocent brown eyes is taller then me? Gasp.

Now that I’m moving away on Sunday (and he gets my room…so unfair jk) I wish I had more time to hate his guts while loving him all at once…oh well. Thousands of miles may do us good.hpqscan0010






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