The Conspirtators

Ten Things I learned in Moses Lake:

1. If your brother and two cousins are huddled in a corner whispering…be afraid, be very afraid.
2. There is no such thing as tanning on a tube on the lake but there is such a thing as being tipped over.
3. One way or another, your going to get wet so you may as well just jump in on your own.
4. Riding doubles on sea doos=massive bruises
5. Fighting being dunked really only prolongs the process.
6. Boys are baby’s…sure they guilt trip you into sleeping outside…but that doesn’t mean they will stay out the whole night.
7. Sleep is nonexistent when your with your cousins.
8. Crawdads DO pinch despite what people try to tell you.
9. If you have to wear a life vest to jump off a ten foot drop via rope swing in shallow, rocky water…it’s probably not a good idea.
10. Cousins are the best! Even if they are the reason you are currently drenched. =)
I learned these life lessons while staying with my cousins. A.K.A: “The Conspirators.”


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