oceans and mermaids

I was looking through one of my old journals and i found a page about mermaids…WIN! hahaha I wrote a poem and a list of pros and cons on being a mermaid. It made me giggle so I thought I would share lol.

The poem:

A violent ocean, a tossing sea. Seagulls cawing, a childhood dream. Notes of a lover, tried and true. Mermen, mermaids, an endless blue. Secrets and treasures tangled in kelp, a stranded sailor screaming for help. A dying romance, a dying tale, turbulant waves, a screaming gale. Balmy palms, sandy toes, easy come, easy go.

Top eight reasons I would make a fantastic mermaid:

1. Im an h2o bby! DUH!

2. I’m a helpless romantic, defintely a pre-rec.

3. I could be friends with dolphins HAHA.

4.I love the water =)

5. I don’t mind being alone in a peaceful abyss.

6. I could sing all the time…the fish wouldn’t mind.

7. I would get a shimmery tail =)

8. I could swim around the world!!

Top seven reasons I would be a horrible mermaid.

1. I look fat in a sea shell top (lol!)

2. The ocean scares me O_0

3. What do mermaids eat? I HATE seafood…’nuff said

4. Tangled hair.

5. I would miss photography and music.

6. How does a mermaid sleep?

7. Maybe I would get just a lil bit lonely…

The pros won…I guess I’m going to be a mermaid now!

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