Happy New Years!

I spent the majority of my new years tossing and turning on a decrepit couch trying to keep my sickness under control. Needless to say I have had a lot of time to think about this past year and what my future holds. My resolution last year was to live my life to the fullest, I like to think I succeeded. This year I have decided to be the overall best me I can be.  I want to live up to and pass my own expectations. to love the people in my life, to work hard, to be happy, to follow my bliss, but most importantly to just be me always…holding nothing back.

I was looking through pictures on my computer and found these of me dancing in the rain that just made me smile. I think this is the girl I want to be next year…happy, carefree, and full of life.

Happy new year all!

Photos by Erica DiGiovanni

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