One¬†wonderful day in Fairbanks, Alaska my mom asked me and my brother if we wanted a dog. YES!!!! we both agreed. A few weeks later we were the proud owners of Nikki (formerly belonging to my cousins, aunt, and uncle) I remember the most shocking part was it had been my dad’s idea; a man who my entire life had been vehemently opposed to having one.

That first night was hard…they tied her up outside and I secretly cried all night because I was so worried about leaving her out. Eventually, she wiggled herself into our home and our hearts.

Nikki was a people dog through and through. If we were in the living room, she would be too. If I was sleeping, she would be in my room. If we were outside, she would be prancing around beside us. Once, she tried to swim behind us when we left in a boat hahaha.

Every day when I came home from school she would greet me with a wagging tail, a shoe in her mouth (she had to have something in her mouth if she was happy but she never chewed lol) and plenty of dog hair to distribute all over my clothes.

Nikki quickly became a beloved part of the McCrackin family….I’m going to miss her so much.

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