It’s your breath on my ear as you whisper, It’s your hand in mine on the street, It’s the butterflies I feel when we touch, It’s our late night walks on the beach. Its’ the way you listen to me babble, It’s the silence when there’s nothing to say. It’s all the new things I tried with you, it’s the way you make me feel brave. It’s the way my eyes narrow when we fight, It’s the way we twist as we dance, It’s how you make my world so bright, and how you leave nothing to chance. It’s the two sets of prints in the sand, and it’s the way you say my name, it’s the current that runs through our hands, the way you always take the blame.It’s how perfectly imperfect we are together. It’s all the tears I’ve cried. It’s the way you make me ecstatic, it’s all the tears I smiled. =)

Photo By Toni Lande:

b and me

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