The Roomies-Part 1

Lydia a.k.a shawty is amazing. She is one of the only people I have ever met that made me look back on my life and wish that I lived more freely, that I had let go and let life take me on the wonderful ride it is. She is beautiful, passionate, and so nice. I adore this girl. I was so nervous to meet my room mate for the first time. I told my sister that I would probably hate whoever it was and that it would ruin my whole college experience. When I walked through the door of the room we now share I knew I was crazy for thinking that…and I was right. Lydia is fantastic =) lucky for me!





4 Replies to “The Roomies-Part 1”

  1. Kiana you’re the amazing one. No one has everdone anything this nice for me. You are a beautiful person Kiana and don’t ever forget that! – Lyd

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