Baby Jackson

Meet sweet little Jackson, also known as Mr. Roboto. This baby boy was so cute and hilarious with so much character. When placed on his beautiful mama’s lap he started staring straight ahead while moving his little arms stiffly and he was transformed into Mr. Roboto. He was the perfect little model with his eyes always finding my lens and everytime I thought we had tuckered him out he rallied and gave us the best expressions. It was so much fun capuring both Jackson and his mom, Darlene.

Much Love, Kiana M.










The Sele Boys

If I had to describe my session with Deacon and Duke in three words I would use: adorable, energetic, and hilarious. These two brothers were so cute and were the biggest troublemakers in the best way possible. In between the chaos of flying penguins and props that drive were beautiful moments of brotherly love and sweet expressions, and those were the moments I fell in love with.

Much Love, Kiana M.

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The Moberg Family

When I knocked on the Moberg front door I was greeted by an adorable little girl in a beautiful full length gown. She looked at me and yelled: “Mom! Dad! Someone is here!” After finding out who I was she promptly proceeded to show me her photo albums which, as a photographer, I thought was wonderful.

We all wen’t walking through fall leaves while the sun tried to peek it’s head out as I took their portraits. I love photographing families, there is so much love and connection. Mia was full of joy and sometimes a little bit of sass and both her parents are so sweet.

Much Love, Kiana M.