How I Help Clients Pick Their Photos

So many of my clients tell me that their all-time favorite part of the whole experience with me is the Premier. The Premier takes place around 2 weeks after the session. It starts off with a slideshow of all the images set to music. I project the slideshow onto the wall so it feels like their own personal movie premier! I then go through a streamlined process to help them narrow down to their favorite images. The whole thing takes about an hour and is SO much easier then choosing images from an online gallery at home (and way more fun, too!)

When I got my wedding pictures, I was really overwhelmed by them and had a hard time picking out my favorites to print. It is so helpful to have someone guide you during the process of picking out your collection of images.

This is the slideshow that was viewed at this Shoreline family’s premier:

The images below are the ones that this family chose during their image Premier. I love the ones they picked out 🙂








This family was such a joy to work with. I feel so blessed to be invited into peoples homes to capture their memories.

Much Love, Kiana M.

The Banahan Family

I went to The Brooks Institute of Photography with every intention of coming out on the other side of three years as a fashion photographer. I was 18 and decidedly unfashionable. I think it was the seemingly artisticness of fashion images that had captured my fancy. It seemed like it would be great fun to photograph beautiful people in beautiful clothes in crazy situations.

About one year into my college career I was asked to do a photo session for a mother and daughter that one of my friends knew. It was my first ever paid shoot. The night before I slept restlessly, tossing and turning. I dreamed about the session…my subconscious thinking of all the poses I wound up using the next day.

It has been that way for every single portrait session I have done since. The night before I fitfully sleep and dream and wake up with ideas for the shots I want to capture the next day.

At 18 driving my convertible down highway 101 in Southern California I thought being a fashion photographer would be the coolest life. I pictured myself moving to New York and living in a tiny walk-up apartment in the middle of the hustle and bustle. The truth is though that Fashion Photography never kept me awake at night. My soul was never moved by that world and that meant I would never be any good at it.

I am not a mother but I have a mother’s heart. I read parenting books that I swiped off my mom’s bookshelf for fun at age 10. I nurtured every doll, my baby brother, and any younger child that I ever came across. At every portrait session I am reminded of how deeply the love of family moves me. There is absolutely nothing in this world that stirs my soul more then when a mama embraces her child in front of my lens. It is the language of my heart and therefore it is what I am good at and passionate about.

I have photographed this family six times since I first met them when Emma was just a little newborn. Every session the magic only grows for me. They are so loving, sweet, and funny. It is amazing to watch Emma grow. She is running and talking and laughs and cries and is just the most amazing little person. Maddox is so helpful. He always acts as my assistant and holds the reflector and helps me with ideas. He has a bright mind and a kind personality.

Stacey and Sean are so blessed by such a beautiful family and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to capture it.

Much Love, Kiana M.
















The McShane Girls

This is my time of year, I  can feel the shift in the air. The fall is lingering with the summer in a beautiful dance, vying with each other to control the weather. This session was one of my last summer ones. We hid in the shade from the strong sun and played in front of the hydrangeas in full bloom. These two girls are so full of personality. So polar opposite and yet so similar. What a beautiful thing is <3

Much Love, Kiana M.









Anders is One!

Many moons ago Hope came into my studio to do her maternity photographs. By the time she came back in for her premier Anders had already arrived in the world and I have been watching him grow since then! His one year shoot was a magical day…he took his first steps right in front of my camera! I feel so blessed that I could capture his grin as he wobbled a few feet toward the mirror in my studio.

Anders is a sweetheart and the perfect model because he always turns his head towards the light 😉 I can’t wait to watch him continue to grow and hopefully witness more milestones!

Much Love, Kiana M.









This was my favorite senior session EVER. The morning of the session I woke up and looked out my window and sighed at the dense clouds, rattling window, and the constant downpour of raindrops. To my absolute delight, however, Troy agreed to go puddle jump with me and brave the Seattle elements for his senior portraits. We had such a blast running around downtown, freezing to death and laughing the whole time. I should have known better than to worry about our shoot being canceled, Troy is a fellow Alaskan. In fact after graduation he is heading back up there to work in Skagway. I am so excited to follow his adventure.

Much Love, Kiana M.











Geneva and Jim

I had the great pleasure of photographing Geneva and Jim a little while ago. These two are so beautiful and were such a joy to work with. Geneva is a complete sweetheart and working towards being a nurse which I think is so amazing….it takes a special person to want to take care of others for a living. Her boyfriend of four years is a fellow photographer and videographer. I always love photographing other visual artists, it feels particularly challenging.

I love photographing love. It is so beautiful to me to watch a couple be themseles and allow me to take portraits of their relationship. Thank you Geneva and Jim! You two are wonderful.