The Lambert Family

The Lamberts are such a sweet family full of joy, laughter, and love. Little Lucy looks exactly like her beautiful mama and little Jack looks exactly like his handsome dad. We postponed our original session because we were rained out. I have been so used to sunny Santa Barbara that I found this to be a rude awakening to my new surroundings. On the new date I woke up to rain but the sun peeked it’s head out just in time for our shoot and we had a wonderful (and dry!) time enjoying the last of the fall weather.

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Stella plus Jack

Meet Stella and Jack: friends and silly millies with smiles that will melt your heart.

Photographing these pals reminded me of one of my best friendships from my own childhood. We grew up together because our mothers started a school together very much like Stella and Jack’s mothers who started a children’s consignment clothing business (you can find their products at

One of my favorite memories from my childhood friendship was that we agreed to get married when we grew up because he said he would turn his greenhouse into a pool for my future dolphin. Another memory is when he asked me incredulously: “Why do you always sing when your mad?!” Although I am now engaged to a man who isn’t planning on accomodating a dolphin I do still sing when I am mad. Childhood friendships are such a blessing and I feel lucky to have been able to photograph it.

Much Love, Kiana McCrackin Photography