I met beautiful Jennifer at a concert in California which she attended with a friend of mine. We danced and had a wonderful time and I found out that she attends the University of Washington in Seattle. I was so excited to know someone in the city because although I wen’t to high school here my friends have all spread across the country. Jennifer asked me to photograph her to build her modeling portfolio and the following is the result of a great day downtown.

During my three years at Brooks Institute of Photography I was lucky enough to model for my friends. I am so grateful to have those pictures from my college years and know I will treasure them forever. I am so glad to do such a fun shoot with Jennifer at such a special time in her life.

Jennifer has the sweetest heart and is obviously gorgeous. I am so envious of her impressive shoe collection and so glad to have made a new friend.

Much Love, Kiana M.








Jessie and Sophia

Jessie met me at Fuel cafe with Sophia’s leash in one hand and a beautiful quilt she made in the other. Sophia is an adorable Jack Russell Terrier with a little heart adorning her collar. She’s a jumper, a begger for treats, and the sweetest friend to Jessie. It was so lovely to meet them and it was such a joy to spend a sunny fall morning with a vanilla latte in one hand and my camera in the other as we laughed and photographed.

Much Love, Kiana McCrackin Photography