This was my favorite senior session EVER. The morning of the session I woke up and looked out my window and sighed at the dense clouds, rattling window, and the constant downpour of raindrops. To my absolute delight, however, Troy agreed to go puddle jump with me and brave the Seattle elements for his senior portraits. We had such a blast running around downtown, freezing to death and laughing the whole time. I should have known better than to worry about our shoot being canceled, Troy is a fellow Alaskan. In fact after graduation he is heading back up there to work in Skagway. I am so excited to follow his adventure.

Much Love, Kiana M.












I met beautiful Jennifer at a concert in California which she attended with a friend of mine. We danced and had a wonderful time and I found out that she attends the University of Washington in Seattle. I was so excited to know someone in the city because although I wen’t to high school here my friends have all spread across the country. Jennifer asked me to photograph her to build her modeling portfolio and the following is the result of a great day downtown.

During my three years at Brooks Institute of Photography I was lucky enough to model for my friends. I am so grateful to have those pictures from my college years and know I will treasure them forever. I am so glad to do such a fun shoot with Jennifer at such a special time in her life.

Jennifer has the sweetest heart and is obviously gorgeous. I am so envious of her impressive shoe collection and so glad to have made a new friend.

Much Love, Kiana M.