Hillary and Harper

I found these old photographs when I was looking through my hard drive for sunny pictures (a rare thing now that I live in Seattle!) and felt that they deserved to be re-edited and shared.

I admire Hillary so much. She is an incredible photographer, an amazing mother, and the sweetest woman. Thank you so much for modeling for me in college Hillary, here are some images from when Harper was small ūüôā

Much Love, Kiana M.








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The Procopio Family

Meet Dominic, the super adorable, super adventurous toddler with blonde hair and brown eyes. The way he throws a pinecone brings to mind Russell Wilson (haha!) and the way he explores the forrest brings to mind Lewis and Clark. This serious little guy was so fascinated by nature. The mushrooms, sticks, moss, and leaves all caught his attention. It was a joy to photograph him and his family.

Much Love, Kiana M.

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_DSC2969 copy

The Chambers Family

After every single shoot my dad asks me: “How did it go?”. After this shoot my response was: “Well, they all looked like models so it was pretty easy.”

This family was so adorable. Boe just adored his little sister and they were so cute playing with leaves together. The sun came out once again and it was yet another perfect day for family portraits in Seattle. I no longer take the sunshine for granted like I did when I was in California attending photography school. Now I thank the universe for the beautiful Autumn’s that we are blessed with!¬† (Especially now that we are in the midst of winter!)

Much Love, Kiana M.

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The McShane Family

The McShane Family was so beyond sweet and wonderful. Emma was smiley and so full of joy and her parents are some of the nicest people I have ever met. This family radiated warmth and love and I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to photograph them. The day of their shoot turned out to be a gorgeous and sunny Seattle day, perfect for family portraits in the fall leaves! Every day I thank my lucky stars that I was blessed with a studio on Queen Anne in Once Upon a Time because it has brought so many wonderful people into my life including this adorable family.

Much Love, Kiana M.


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The Hanauer Family

Every once in a while I cross paths with people who leave me completely grateful for every choice I made in my life. They make me glad I went to photo school, moved back to Seattle, and opened a studio. These brief encounters always leave me inspired for my future and happy for my present. Photographing this family was one of those moments. They were so sweet, their love so palpable, and after their image premier I left thinking: “Yes. This is why I do this.” Joe and Kate have an adorable son with huge soulful eyes. They were so much fun and honestly, the shoot felt more like just hanging out in a park then anything work related.

Much Love, Kiana M.









Dragons, Oh My!

I LOVE photographing this family. Emma has the cutest baby face and her parents have the sweetest hearts. Everytime I meet with them I am filled with joy and contentment. They always make me feel like I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing and they make me so very thankful for my job. For this shoot which was part 2 of 6 of Emma’s first year of life, the Banahan’s brought their adorable little nephew along. His goofy grin and willingness to play dragon stole my heart in a second.

Want to see more from this session? See their image premier video (which also happens to be my favorite of all time) here: http://animoto.com/play/ngcvZOi9gy07yEbo7Vz27A








Baby Theo

I spent this Mother’s day with this oh so adorable baby boy and his family. It was so special to have not only his mom there but his mom’s mom too! I can not think of a better celebration of motherhood and family than a photoshoot with multiple generations and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it.

Can’t get enough of Theo and Company? Check out their full slideshow here:¬†http://animoto.com/play/deiOT1zGLBD7SExYmPAXbw

Much Love, Kiana M.








Hope and Casey

Hope has gorgeous hair that flows wild and free, a sweet heart tattooed on her wrist, and when I photographed her she had a big, beautiful belly acting as baby Anders’ first home. I had such a wonderful time photographing Hope and her partner in crime, Casey, during such a beautiful and fleeting time of their lives. When they came in for their image premier baby Anders was already several weeks old! It was amazing to be able to hold the little fellow who had been the main star of their maternity session. Congratulations Hope and Casey and welcome to the world Anders!

Much Love, Kiana M.









Baby Emma

My entire life I have wanted red hair. I told my mom about this wish when I was about six and she said: “Well, when you grow up you can dye it.”¬†So for the past three years I have attempted to dye my damaged locks red, the brightest red I could.

Through the door of my studio came the most adorable little baby girl with beautiful blue eyes, teensy fingers and toes and the most perfect red hair. Little Emma is so sweet and so thoroughly loved by her family and every person who comes accross her. I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to document her adorable little newborn features.

Much Love, Kiana McCrackin